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In these days we are trying to manage the huge amount of submissions we receive almost daily, so here we go with five new games and a prototype.

Prototype: Jens Krause sent us the Flash porting of the iPod’s game “Parachute”, entirely developed in OOP: it’s “WS-Parachute“.


  • The Good Ghost: it’s a sort of platform game in which you have to help the good ghost in his journey to save his family.
  • Heidi One: a great game reminiscent of “Space Wars”, the first videogame of the history. It’s really worth playing.
  • Maganic Wars Survival OutSite: the new and improved version of Maganic Wars, a succesful cards game we already hosted on gotoAndPlay().
  • Panda Park: a fast-paced two-player game with fresh and unique gameplay ideas, in which you have a set of different rules and goals that can be changed by the players to their own advantage while the game is actually running.
  • Planks: a single-level puzzle game, in which you have to slide wooden tiles to reach your goal.

Have fun!

Entry posted on Monday, August 7th, 2006 at 09:45
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