New Flash 9 goodies!

Hello everyone!
We have published some new articles about Actionscript 3 and Flash 9 that will keep you busy for quite a long time :)

  • Actionscript 3 intro is a 4 chapter long, in-depth introduction to the new characteristics of Actionscript 3 and the Flash player 9 framework.
    The author will guide you through all the new features by constructing a real application step by step. A must read for all Flash enthusiasts. [ READ ]
  • Mandelbrot set is an awesome tutorial that will show you how to create fractals in Actionscript 3! You will learn the math behind a the famous Mandelbrot set and see how fast is the 3rd release of the Flash scripting language. [ READ ]

Both tutorials were kindly submitted by AS 3 ace Milan Toth (Milgra). Thanks Milan!

Good reading :)


Entry posted on Thursday, July 6th, 2006 at 06:49
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