Version 3.0 !

Welcome to version 3.0! :)
With this new upgraded edition of the website we’d like to add more interaction between users, allowing more feedback comments and better game rating system.

From version 3.0 the game votations will start from scratch with a better system, similar to what we use in our Game Reviews.
Before we kiss goodbye to our old rating system we’ve designated the “top 20” games submitted by our users! You can check the best games in the gotoAndPlay 2005 Awards. We’d like to congratulate with the top three titles and thank all the submitters and supporters of the website.

News and forums:
Among the other enhacements we now have a cool new blogging system and new forums sections devoted to “experiments” with the latest Actionscript 3.0, a “Code Library” and a sections for job offers and requests.

Game Reviews:
Another important aspect of gAP() 3.0 will be game reviews. We’ve paused them for a while because our review system needed a few improvements. Now they’re done and we’re ready to start again. We’ll be able to extend the ability of making game reviews to all those of you who are interested. More details coming in the next days.

Links section:
The links section has been reorganized in categories and we’ll constantly add new resources as we find them.
Feel free to suggest any interesting game or game-dev related website.

New skins:
Oh yeah! Of course.
We’ve reskinned the site a little bit, paying homage to some of our all-time favourites games.
Scroll the homepage to the bottom to check them all! ( … sorry MS IE users! No PNG shadows for you ;) )

New learning material:

In the past weeks we’ve stopped the addition of new contents in order to concentrate on the new version.
A lot of new articles and games will pop up in the next days!

Stay tuned :)

Entry posted on Monday, November 21st, 2005 at 10:43
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