Striking Saints

Joep van Leijsen submitted his Striking Saints, in which you have to shoot at “saints” (?) falling from the sky using a flower (quite strange, isn’t it?). They carry a symbol: the “X” indicates the enemies, trying to reach and kill you after they touch the ground, while those with an “O” move out of the game area giving you bonus points/lives (even if it’s hard to realize it, because no message is displayed, or sound played).
The game is quite fast, in fact in a few minutes you can reach level 16 or more and a lot of points. Maybe it’s even too fast, in fact at higher levels the number of enemies falling is huge, while the rotation of your flower keeps being slow.
Game graphics are ok, but maybe they could change from level to level, to give the game more variety. Also it’s not clear why using a symbol to characterize friends vs enemies: maybe different graphics would create a better result.
The overall impression is that the game suffers of being too repetitive: its scheme never changes, and after some minutes you could be a little annoyed.
In the end, in our opinion this game is good for occasional gamers, having just some minutes of relax during the launkbreak at work, while maybe more experienced gamers will look for something less repetitive.
Let us know what’s your opinion in our Submitted games forum.

Entry posted on Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 at 11:31
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