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The website is focused on webgame developement with Macromedia Flash and on independent game development.

» Users submissions:
To grow as a community we encourage users submissions: all the material that you will send will be evaluated for publishing in these pages and it is only going to be published with your consent and removed at your will.
In other words we are not going to use your work for commercial purposes.

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To take full advantage of the website's features (play games with highscores, forums etc...) it is necessary to register.
Registration is free, and we are not going to sell your data to 3rd parties, or fill your email with garbage.

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If you find that someone is gathering email addresses from the forum, please write to this address and we will remove the offending party.

» Can I contribute to this website?
» Can I review games ?
» Why I can't register my highscores ?

Dick Dynamite F.A.Q.
» What is dickDynamite ?
» Why I can't play DickDynamite ?
» Why is DickDynamite pretty slow on my computer ?

» What is the DickDynamite LevelEditor ?
» What is the Arena ?
» What am I winning, playing dickDynamite ?
» What are credits in DickDynamite ?

» [ITA] Ma perchè questo sito non parla come mangia ?

» Can I contribute ?
Our site is heavily based on user contributions:
We will publish both articles/tutorials and finished games or prototype games.

» Sending Articles/tutorials/snippets etc ... :

Send your resources to this email address.

We will accept these file formats: txt, html, rtf, doc, pdf and fla/swf.
Please always ZIP your files before sending.

» Sending games, game prototypes etc ...

Please contact us at this email address.
Just send a link to your work so that we can evaluate it. If you don't have it published on the web send an SWF.

The material you will submit is only going to be published with your consent and removed at your will.

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» Can I review games ?
Yes, you can join our Reviewers Team if you meet some basic requirements .

We have a detailed page were you can learn more about becoming a reviewer. Please check this page.

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» What is dickDynamite ?
DickDynamite is an arcade-style web game reminescent of the 80's arcades such as Pacman and Atomic Bomberman.

It features all of the classic elements of those old-timers: fast paced action, lots of different bonuses, many different levels with increasing difficulty, and funny enemies with different skills and artificial intelligence.

You will guide DickDynamite in a long quest that will take place in different worlds, in search for ancient treasures, armed only with dynamite bombs and smartness.

Learn more HERE

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» Why I can't register my highscores ?

You should be a registered user to save your highscores.
Registration will also let you fully enjoy the Dick Dynamite MapArena.

Click here to register your account

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» Why I can't play DickDynamite ?
DickDynamite requires Macromedia Flash 6 plugin to run.
You can download it from HERE

DickDynamite also requires a 600mhz or better (reccomended 800mhz and higher) CPU and a decent videocard.

If you meet the requirements and still have troubles playing the game please use our Forums to submit your problems, specifying
your configuration.

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» Why is DickDynamite pretty slow on my computer ?

DickDynamite is a very CPU intensive game.
We've noticed slow downs on older computer with CPU < 800mhz even if still playable.

The Flash Player also has some very well known speed issues that can be noticeable on slower CPU.
(this is due mainly to the extreme small size of the player itself, which makes actionscript not so fast)

Another thing that we have noticed is related to videocards: older cards ( <= 8mb ) and shared-memory cards render flash clips
very slowly.

Some tips to get maximum speed execution:

- close other running applications (eg: other web pages running flash can slow everything down)
- if you run windows 2000/XP check the TaskManager to see if you have enough free memory
- Update you Flash Player to the latest version ( get it HERE )
- Use Internet Explorer (under Windows), as it seems to execute Flash movies noticeably faster than other browsers.
- Choose a lower quality setting to get maximum speed.

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» W hat is the DickDynamite LevelEditor ?

The DickDynamite LevelEditor will let you build your own custom maps, save them and submit them to the MapArena.
By doing so you'll be able to challenge other users in the Arena.

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» What is the Arena ?

In the Arena users will compete by playing each other submitted maps.

Every registered user (registration is free) will be able to create his own
custom-maps, test 'em and submit 'em, to challange other players.

You'll start out with 0 points and 5 "credits" (lives) that will increase or decrease,
based on how well you will play !

When you run out of credits you will be able to "buy" some of them by spending part of your score ( sub-zero score are permitted, so you can buy credits even if you score is negative ! )

Also, there is rating system that will enable you to submit one vote on each map that you will play.

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» What am I winning, playing dickDynamite ?

What did you win playing PacMan ? or BubbleBobble ? ;-)
This website is about having fun and sharing knowledge with other passionate gamers and developers.

Like in every old good arcade you will win your "moment of glory" by watching at your nickName on top of the others in the
HIGHSCORE table ! :-)

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» What are credits in DickDynamite ?

Credits exist only in the Arena instead of "Lives".
Regular arcades usually finish when you run out of lives (typically 3 or 5).

When you run out of lives (credits) in the Arena you can get back in the game,"buying" some credits by spending part of your score even if you haven't scored a single point. (negative scores are permitted as low as -20.000.000)

This will spice up the competition and make tha game more funny. You will also have a LOWSCORE table with the worst scores !

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» [ITA] Ma perchè questo sito non parla come mangia ?

"Noio, voulevan savoir l' indiriss ... "

Come si può facilmente intuire dal dominio .IT questo sito è nato e cresciuto in Italia, ma allora perchè non parla italiano ?

Con questo sito ci piacerebbe raggiungere una vasta audience non necessariamente solo italiana, anzi ambiremmo a condividere
e scambiare idee sul flash gaming con tanti appassionati e professionisti da un pò tutti gli angoli del pianeta, ecco perchè non abbiamo potuto "restringerci" all'utilizzo della nostra amata lingua.

Allo stesso tempo crediamo che la lingua inglese sia diventata ormai una sorta di standard sul web, capace di fare da ponte
tra le difficoltà di comunicazione che altrimenti si verificherebbero tra i tanti attori e utenti della rete.

Vi chiediamo perciò un piccolo favore: di comunicare sul forum in inglese anzichè in italiano, eventualmente ricorrendo a quella
nostrana inventiva ereditata da Totò e Peppino che abbiamo citato nel sottotitolo della FAQ.


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