Flash Player 8.5!

It looks like this second half of the year will be very prolific for Macromedia. We’ve just put our hands on the latest Flash 8 and very cool new things are just behind the corner.

Macromedia announced the imminent release of Flash Player 8.5, Flex 2 and Flex Builder 2 (based on Eclipse).
It seems the new Flash player will make all developers much more happy, thanks to a great speed improvement. Also it will add Actionscript 3.0/E4X support, binary sockets and a lot more! And please don’t call it “Flash Player” anymore… from now on it’s the AVM (Actionscript Virtual Machine)!

Here you find the press release. And here you can learn and discuss more about these great news.

Entry posted on Friday, October 7th, 2005 at 08:21
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