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Author: Ernst Ludwig Galling alias Elu
Published on: 2003
Game notes: A fast paced shooter that will keep you glued to the screen. Destroy all the enemy units and return to base to recharge shields and ammo!

Author's age: 36
Location: hamburg, germany
Job: hockey, macs, frank zappa

Game dev

I started working with flash in late 2000. I found out quickly that could understand how to use it (which made me wonder). Then i found out that i was able to code (...more wonder) - although i was a complete moron in maths, physics and chemistry (and english as you may have noticed) when i went to school today i spend my days with atans, sin and cos. In 2002 a friend of mine and me decided to launch our own company doing nothing else but flash-games (we did a few micro-sites aswell). Now - two years later - we're still waiting for the beakthough (unfortunately we still cant affort no porsches) - but we're working on it. The background of fusermox was that we wanted to do an evil shooting game once - since most of our projects are very "pc". We spent a lot of time thinking about the story (although it doesnt look like that) because we definitly are concerned about war (germans...). Weendend up quite pc again: shooting robots.

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Final rating: 6.4/10
Total votes: 108
Final position: #54

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