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Author: Nick Kouvaris, aka LightForce
Published on: December 2005
Game notes: You and two friends are stuck in a building.
The three of you want to move to other room(s).
Can you work together reaching your goal?
Manouvre the three players (dots) onto their X target.
Place a dot on a coloured marker to open doors of matching colour.
Two doors of the same colour needs 2 dots on matching markers.
You can also move a dot between doors and leave it there.
Change player using Control key, use arrows to move.
Original levels design by Oskar van Deventer.

Author's age: 31
Location: Athens, Greece
Job: Hard working boy

Game dev

1.5 years
Yet another nice mind-bender puzzle game by Nick Kouvaris. The game rules are very simple providing immediate fun and addiction. More levels and a little more complexity in the game play would make this one a great puzzle game.

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