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Submarine Invasion
Author: LinkOne (Saul Mases)
Published on: December 2005
Game notes: Destroy enemy submarines avoiding the mines that they release

Author's age: 18
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Job: Studing Electronics

Game dev

1 year
"Submarine Invasion" has some good potential as a game but it would have required some more time to polish it a litte bit more.
The wave effect is very well done and it's one of the most important aspects of the gameplay while the baddies have very simple movements.
You will have to destroy the mines released by the enemy ships with two different weapons avoiding to loose the energy of your ship.
The vector graphics used in the game are well done and they should also help in keeping the download small. Unfortunately the game weighs about 3 megs which is definitely too much for a simple game like this and the lack of a preloader doesn't help either.
1 From RonH
Added on December 26th, 2005 at 8:12

I am no game designing master, but I guess that anytime you submit a game, you are looking for some feedback. Here is some feedback I am giving. I love the graphics, the music, all of that stuff, but as a actiongame fan, I wish there were some torpedo drop action or something like that.

A loading page, no information telling how far along the loading is, or if it is even loading at all... Thats kind of how I think of your system of letting the user know how much life the enemies have. If you included a bar inside of the enemies\' boat that displayed how much life they had left, that would be awesome. Then when I get beaten, I could say, \"Oh, well I almost got him\" instead of, \"Did I even get him?\"

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