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Radar Rik in Escape From The Caverns Of Poor Lighting
Author: Chris Underwood, aka CMU
Published on: December 2005
Game notes: Pilot Radar Rik's ship in the Caverns of Poor Lighting: avoid crashing against the walls using your radar, lights, visionbombs and collecting fuel tanks

Author's age: 28
Location: UK
Job: N/A

Game dev

Radar Rik In Escape From The Caverns Of Poor Lighting is probably the game with the longest title on gotoAndPlay, but this is not the only reason why we were happy to publish it! :-)
The author of RRIEFTCOPL (well, maybe "RR" is more appropriate...) drew his inspiration from the classic Lander, but he was able to add a lot of new elements making a rather original game. As in Lander and its many clones, you have to control your ship avoiding crashes. Other than gravity and fuel consuption, you have to face tracking mines and blind alleys using your weapons: smartbeams and mining lasers.
But the real enemy in this game is darkness, and probably the most interesting elements introduced by the author are visionbombs and a radar scanning your surroundings.
RR is an addictive game, with varied levels and increasing difficulty. Unfortunately the number of levels you can play is quite limited: 7 training levels and 11 game levels. But on the other hand, you can play levels over and over again, in order to improve your time to completion and beat the world record.
In the end, speaking of RR's negative aspects, we must say that graphics are not particularly stunning, and sound is completely absent. Also, it's not clear why the ship is seen from above, while the direction of gravity force suggests a lateral view.

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