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Christmas Adventure
Author: Adrian Toma aka adi4x
Published on: December 2005
Game notes: Prepare the christmas tree, but put bad globes back into the boxes. Hohoho!!!

Author's age: 28
Location: Romania
Job: IT

Game dev

More then 5 years (Basic, Pascal, VB, FlashMX with Corel and Photoshop)
"Christmas Adventure" is a nice coffee break game that will challenge your reflexes. The gameplay is simple: you will have to quickly pick the good globes and put them on the xmas tree but also avoid the bad ones and put them back in their boxes.
We have found that the game difficulty increases very quickly and you will find it quite hard to finish if you have a fast computer (3ghz+). The graphics are well done, with some nice details here and there and the music and sound fx help in suggesting the Christmas Holydays feeling.

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