28 Jun, 2004 reviewed by MrPauly99

Knugg Raiders
by SayDesign

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Knuggs are precious (or so they tell me) 

Knuggs. I've no idea what they are but they are spikey, blue and you will have a supply of them to protect in Knugg Raiders.  I do know, however, that no nasty raiders are going to take them off me without a fight!


Eat pixels evil doer

This game like just about every other flash game on the planet has plundered the arcade classics for its inspiration. Specifically Asteroids. Far from being an out and out copy Knugg Raiders puts its own twist into the mix. There is of course the expected blasting of enemy ships and collecting of power ups but you have the added responsibility of defending the aforementioned spikey things. The baddies swoop in, grab the booty and swoop out, I dont't know about you but im not having any of that, they will eat lead (or pixels). Once your supply has gone, or you lose all your lives by crashing into evil doers, the game is over.


Spin till you're dizzy

Visually, this game is ok but nothing more, the graphics do their job but don't particularly excite. The sprites are quite small which gives them room to move but also limits their character. The music fits the game well and sound effects are also good, if not spectacular.

The splash and option screens are pretty and allow you a good deal of contol over the sound and graphics quality and the instructions are detailed. You can also pause the game which is a nice touch.


Please don't take my Kruggs

To be honest I got the feeling that more time was spent on the wrapping that the game itself. It's good fun but I feel the gameplay is quite limited, there's plenty of games around which allow you to destroy half of the universe and while this is one that deserves credit im not convinced it is top of the shooter pile. The novel idea of defending the Knuggs along with the powerups, varying baddies and 3 different skill levels will extend its lifespan but I can;t see myself coming back to this one after a couple of games. This is a fun quick fix game, enjoyable if not memorable.



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