21 May, 2004 reviewed by Klas Kroon

Blob Wars
by Kwik Games

(visit the game site)

This is sort of an interactive board game. Like a cross between Checkers and some other game, which name I donīt know. The objective of the game is to take control of the board. That means you have to eliminate your opponents Blobs or having the most Blobs when the board is full.


Blob Wars features single and two player mode, and you can choose between a few different boards.

You and your opponent each has two "Blobs" on a 8x8 grid when the game starts. You click on the Blob you want to move or clone. If you choose to move one step in any direction, the Blob will be cloned(leaving the Blob you clicked and spawn a new one). If you instead choose to move two steps away, the Blob will actually move there, leaving an empty space were it stood before.
If your opponent have any Blobs on the surrounding tiles, where your Blob were moved or cloned, they will turn into your Blobs and vice versa.

The graphics feels right for the title. Cute, round and gradient vectorgraphics suits the game fine. If I should say anything negative about the graphics, it would be that it can get a bit dull after while. But the graphics isnīt the most important thing in game like this.


The sound consists of a "tick-tock" loop, low volume but still a bit irritating after a while. Thereīs also soundeffects when you select and move a Blob. If it werenīt for the loop it would be ok, but the good thing is the mute button. ;)

Itīs pretty easy to play once you get a hang of it. But itīs pretty hard to master, which makes it quite fun. The ai in single player mode feels really good. It can be a little frustrating to start with, since it never seems to make mistakes. But on the other hand once you learn when to move where, and predict the ai, it gets rather easy.

The isometric perspective dosenīt really add anything to the gameplay, more of the opposite. When it gets crowded it can be a bit tricky to find the clickable area on a tile behind the blob.

But overall itīs pretty fun to play and you can easily kill a few hours.

Thereīs few things I miss. The first one is that I would like the option to speed up the gameplay a bit. After playing for a while it gets very irritating to watch and wait for the ai to make itīs move. If I could speed that up, the game would get a much better flow...

The other thing is that a turnbased game like this would be perfect as a multiplayer game! Games like these are always more fun to play if youīre playing with a real person instead of an ai. That would be a huge improvement.


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