19 Jul, 2004 reviewed by Tom Moor

by Globz

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Globulos has been around for a bit now, and in that time it has gained a lot of popularity, and deservedly so. In the games you take control of a team of small blobs called, surprisingly enough globulos! Now the more attentive of you may have noticed me mention games… yes, there are in fact three games to choose from (that's if you don't count the nifty game on the loading screen!). The way all three games are played is the same, after clicking ‘go’ you can click on a globulos and then drag an arrow to choose speed and direction, this is then repeated for the other globulos. Simple huh?


The Arena

The aim of the arena is simple; get three points before your opponent does… This can be achieved by knocking their ‘king’ or the other three of your opponent’s globulos into one of the holes that scatter the arenas. The kings can only be knocked about, not controlled directly.



The Pitch

The football matches are probably my favourite, with the obvious aim being to get the ball in the net; you can also knock your opponent into the net to thin down their team! It can get a bit frustrating, when you end up flying from one side of the pitch to the other just to have your opponent kick it back across, but i guess its a lot like the real game then!


The Park

Croquet isn’t exactly what you would expect to find as an online game, but it works well here, the aim being to get all of your globulos to the finish line through all the ‘gates’ before your opponent does.


Technically, Globulos really is spot on, the physics are great with globz bouncing off each other, straight and curved surfaces during the course of a game. There really is a great feeling of tension as one of your team members balances on the edge of a hole... Not forgetting that all this pixel perfect movement is completely in sync for both of the players aswell as any number of 'spectators' that may be watching your game! The feel is also a very polished one, from the loading sceen, through the room selection area and into the games themselves the graphics are lovely and suit the game perfectly. Throughout playing and testing the game i found no bugs or problems, infact the only annoyance was that you can't password games you create so that only friends can join. I think this feature should be in all multiplayer games...

Gameplay wise, it is a fun way to waste an hour or two, especially when playing with people that you know! However, although there are three games to choose from i feel that there is still not enough variety in the gameplay to keep me coming back for more. There's only so many times you can knock a ball into a hole before you need something new!

In conclusion Globulos is a great coffee break game, that you can jump straight into but offers little in the way of long term rewards...

Tom M (aka random10122)


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