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Maganic Wars Survival OutSite
Author: Maguas
Published on: August 2006
Game notes: The new and improved version of Maganic Wars

Author's age: 23
Location: Spain (Valencia)
Job: student (Telecomm)

Game dev

I have a short experience (1 year) with flash but very intense...I've made two webpages for two different companies (the last is still in construction you can watch it here: ) . My last flash project was this game (the first game I've ever done). At first it was designed for handheld devices (I have a Sony Clié NX80V and it looks great), but now I'm adding more animations for the PC version. Nowdays I've joined a PPC/PALM flash game developement group and we have a great project for this year (a Risk based game mixed with HOMM and such).
1 From speedy
Added on August 23rd, 2007 at 12:25

its cool because you can chance your weapon

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