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Author: Eric Ettes
Published on: March 2006
Game notes: Devlin the little demon is teased by the other demons because he doesn't have any wings. Determined to get wings, he travels to the deep pits of hell to claim them.
Read the instructions as they contain some hints on how to improve your score!

Author's age: 36
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Job: Software Engineer

Game dev

Coded a few games in QuickBasic and Turbo Pascal during the earlier years. After the release of DOOM, he switched to mapping levels in the WadED editor. Some serious level design including texturing and modelling started with the Unreal series. After Unreal Tournament 2003 he switched back to games design using Flash and Java.
Hellbound is nice and well done. It's style is reminescent of many 80's arcades thanks to the bitmap graphics and vintage music and sound effects.
The gameplay is intuitive and it will probably keep you hooked to the screen for some time.
The game could also be enhanced in many ways, by adding bonus levels, items to collect, and more baddies. Given the small screen format, the game could be also easily adapted to mobile phones ;)

Well done, Eric!

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