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Author: Yinan Chen
Published on: December 2005
Game notes: Fire your asteroid from platform to platform, and in the end save the Earth!

Author's age: 21
Location: Illinois, USA
Job: Web developer/student

Game dev

1.5 years
Playing Doomsday requires very good aiming skills as you will have to predict where the asteroid will fall after the launch.
Your goal is to bring the asteroid far away from the earth by using a series of magnetic transporters. Each of these devices can shoot the asteroid to the next transporter but you will need to be able to predict the correct trajectory.
The concept and gameplay are pretty good and you will probably find yourself coming back to this game quite often. On the other hand the graphics and general programming could have been more polished: especially the scrolling system has more than one visual glitch. Same thing for the music and fx department where a little more care would have helped.

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