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Author: Jakub Dvorsky
Published on: 2005
Game notes: An experimental game: a sort of puzzle/adventure game with a wonderful graphic.
Help the little Samorost to avoid the collision of the incoming asteroid with his little world.

Author's age: 27
Location: Brno (Czech Republic)
Job: Web designer

Game dev

1993 - 1997: studied at grammar school in Brno and worked on CD-ROM adventure games. 1997 - 2003: studied at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague in the department of Graphics Design and Visual Communication. Dissertation at this school was his first Flash game "Samorost". Since 2003: established webdesign studio Amanita Design and works as a freelancer.
1 From colfaxrev
Added on April 18th, 2006 at 23:08

I really liked this game, although i\'d only play it once... btw i saved his rock-space ship thing! Some of the things were hard to figure out, but I like that.

2 From martin.cifka
Added on October 31st, 2006 at 8:59

dobrý ale to okno nejde zvětšit!

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Final rating: 7.6/10
Total votes: 137
Final position: #4

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