Welcome to the gotoAndPlay() Multiplayer Central!

This area is entirely devoted to the study and development of Flash multiuser/multiplayer applications and games.

Most of the tutorials and articles that you will find here will be based on the "SmartFoxServer Lite edition", a Java socket server that you can freely download, re-distribute and use at no cost.


The free server is based on a larger, commercial project called "SmartFoxServer" which features many more advanced functionalities.
You can visit www.smartfoxserver.com to learn more about it.

The free "Lite edition" already has all the basic and advanced features that will allow you to study and create a wide range of multiuser applications.

Also the concepts being explained in our articles will let you understand, step by step, the generic techniques used in the development of this kind of applications and you will be able to translate them on other server technologies as well.

To get started follow these simple steps:

1) Download the "SmartFoxServer Lite" for your operating system.
2) Unpack and install the software.
3) Read our quickstart documents.
4) Open and run the source examples and follow our tutorials.
5) Have fun :-)

System Requirements:

» All main operating systems are supported: Windows (98/ME/2000/XP/2003), Linux and Unix, MacOS X (10.3 or higher)

» A minimum of 300mhz cpu, 32Mb of ram and 5Mb of free disk space.

» In order to run the server you will need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.2 or higher installed on your system.
If you don't know if Java is installed on your system or if you ignore what version you have, just dowload the latest version

» Macromedia Flash MX or Flash MX2004 is needed to open the example source files provided. You can download a trial version from the Macromedia website.


For any help, bug report, questions and exchange of ideas, please go in our forums under the Multiplayer Central section. It's likely that someone has already found the solution to the problem you have. If not, just start a new topic and we'll try to help you.

Showcase your works:

If you have developed and interesting multiplayer application/prototype/game with SmartFoxServer let us know! If it is good enough we'd like to publish it in our pages!

the gotoAndPlay team()

Download SmartFoxServer LITE
current version: 0.9.7

Download SmartFoxServer BASIC
current version 1.5.5

Download SmartFoxServer PRO
current version 1.5.9


Installation notes

Connecting to the server
Simple Chat part 1
Simple Chat part 2
Advanced Chat part 1
Advanced Chat part 2
Avatar Chat
Sending Objects
Board game part 1
Board game part 2

SmartFoxServer BASIC tutorials :
Custom Login
Room Variables
Buddy List
Advanced Board Game

SmartFoxServer PRO tutorials :
Introduction to Extensions
Simple Extension
Simple Database Extension
Advanced Db Extension
Login Extension
Realtime Maze
Java objects in Actionscript
SmartForTris PRO

» ASwing Simple Chat
by Firdosh Tangri
» Multiplayer Letter Game
by Chris Lindsey (aka DebuggerCLL)
» Game Programming Patterns
by Zack Booth Simpson
» XML Sockets: the basics of multiplayer games
by Marco Lapi, a.k.a Lapo

We have a new section in our forums dedicated to the Multiplayer Central.


Also check the official SmartFoxServer forums
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