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[ January 15, 2006 ] Thomas Pfeiffer / kiroukou
An example of texture distortion using the latest features of Flash8, based on Andre Michelle experiments.

Who never hoped to be able to transform some bitmaps directly by code? Yes we can now skew and scale a MovieClip in Flash8, but when you need to map a bitmap on a more complex support, you just can't. Thanks to Andre Michelle we were able to do that for two years, but this technique wasn't really optimized and precise.
Today Flash 8 brings some new possibilities making this very accurate.

Check the following example:

You can download the source files of this prototype [here]

Name: Thomas Pfeiffer / kiroukou
Location: Grenoble, France
Age: 24
Flash experience: I play Flash just for fun :) I develop an open source 3D named Sandy which is my big personnal
Job: Student in an engineering school
Website: http://dev.media-box.net/sandy/
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