The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art
[ October 22, 2004 ] by Rhys Davies aka RhysD
A long tutorial made of 7 chapters, covering all the aspects of isometric pixel art: drawing basic objects, colouring, lighting, texturing, drawing people, etc.


Chapter 1 Introduction
  Basic Knowledge
  Tools Required
Chapter 2 The Basic Line
  The Rule Behind It All
  The Isometric Grid
  Creating Your First Isometric Cube
  Other Objects (Shapes)
  Combining Shapes
Chapter 3 Colours
  Outlines & Highlights
  Different Styles Of Outlines
Chapter 4 Texturing
  Dirt & More
  Detailing Your Work
Chapter 5 Drawing Isometric People
  The Basic Outline & Scaling
  Colour & Outlines
  Examples For Further Reference
Chapter 6 The Table Tutorial
  Setting The Scene
  Mini-Tutorial: The Interior Of A Kitchen
Chapter 7 Large Project: Your House
  Final Words


Name: Rhys Davies aka RhysD
Location: n/a
Age: N/A
Flash experience: n/a
Job: n/a
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