Developing a space shooter game
[ October 07, 2004 ] by Richard Nias aka Crashlanding
In this collection of tutorials, the author explains how to create a basic shooter game, considering all its different aspects: movement, shooting, enemies, sound, etc.


So, your game works, but needs a little smoothing out. So, here are some ideas:

  • Add a main menu screen with a help option explaining the game, and mabye even options. I made one, here's a screenshot:

  • Remember: if you add an extra frame at the beginning, you have to change all gotoAndStop()s to the correct frame.
  • Change the game so the hero can't move outside the border.
  • Add a preloader.
  • When you press the reset button at the end of the game, the intervals for the enemies shooting aren't cleared, so the enemies shoot a lot more bullets on the next playing, like this:

  • Try stopping this.
  • Try removing the enemies on the game over screen.
  • Using some of the tips from here, try to optimize your game to have the best fps possible.
  • Try only using one onEnterFrame, eg. don't have the onClipEvents on the enemies.
  • Better graphics?

If you have any ideas or suggestions, email me at

Name: Richard Nias aka Crashlanding
Location: South-east London, UK
Age: 14
Flash experience: Had Flash for 1 1/4 years now. I learnt from the help files before finding gotoandplay and flashkit, getting me intrested in games.
Job: None
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