Developing a space shooter game
[ October 07, 2004 ] by Richard Nias aka Crashlanding
In this collection of tutorials, the author explains how to create a basic shooter game, considering all its different aspects: movement, shooting, enemies, sound, etc.

This collection of tutorials explains ways of creating Flash games, in particular a space-shooter game.

1. Moving your character
2. Shooting
3. Enemies
4. HitTests and collision checking
5. Scores and points
6. Reloading
7. Pausing
8. Sound
9. Complex enemy paths
10. Enemies that shoot
11. Improving your game

These tutorials are for Flash MX with ActionScript 1. If you are using a different version some adjustments may need to be made to the script.

They are based by David Doull's tutorials from Flashkit (have a read, they go into more depth on things like duplicating movieclips).

Name: Richard Nias aka Crashlanding
Location: South-east London, UK
Age: 14
Flash experience: Had Flash for 1 1/4 years now. I learnt from the help files before finding gotoandplay and flashkit, getting me intrested in games.
Job: None
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