3D Maze
[ July 22, 2004 ] by Eric Lin
Intermediate 3D scripting for Flash part 3/5:
Learn how to create a 3D maze!

This is an old movie I did early. It is my first 3D movie. At that time I dont have experience about 3D. The technique is different from what I described before.

1. I use "scale=zoom/z" rahter than the correct equation "scale=zoom/(z0+z)";
2. I dont use trigonomy Math equations to calculate the new points coordinates. I just rotate a movieClip and use localToGlobal and globalToLocal to make Flash calculate for me.
3. To create a face or wall, it needs perspective distortion. I dont use skew or draw api nor tween. I use mask and triangle to construct the perspective wall.

Download the source code of this prototype

Name: Eric Lin
Location: Taiwan
Age: 46
Flash experience: Since Flash 5, about 4 years
Job: neurosurgeon (a doctor who operates people's brain)
Website: http://ericlin2.tripod.com/
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